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The airflow created by the refrigeration effect of the evaporator is smooth and diffused, without forced air-circulation, which would cause dehydration and weight loss, resulting in swift deterioration of the fish or other perishable displayed food.
Temperature Control
One of the strikingly simple solutions for easy and fast temperature control: Turning the tray upside down means the food will have less contact with the cold tray and is more exposed to the air inside the sushi case. This way the cooling impact is reduced. A thermometer inside the cabinet helps you to monitor the inside temperature at all times.  
Attractive Display
The tubular-shaped evaporator absorbs the heat continuously. Condensation freezes on its external surface, maintaining an attractive frost layer with no dripping. This model is equipped with LED lighting that can be turned on and off as needed.  
The practical anti-slip top is ideal to place serving dishes. The condensing unit of all our models sits either on the right- or left-hand side, with the outflow of air positioned on the sides away from the operator.
Easy Cleaning
The sliding door with 150 mm height and the lightweight ABS trays with a wave-shaped profile are easily disassembled and removed for daily cleaning.
Parameter Hodnota
Farba Čierna
Obsah balenia Power Supply 1/220 - 240V/50Hz
Rozmery (mm) 1800 x 345 x 270
Chladivo R290
Hmotnosť produktu (kg) 42
Hmotnosť balenia v kg 60

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